Atom editor notes

Posted on Thu 11 August 2016 in tech

Some notes on my atom editor setup. Will be expanded throughout time.


apm install atom-runner
apm install linter
apm install linter-flake8
apm install linter-gcc


linter-flake8 needs a flake8 binary. We'll install this into a virtualenv used for atom.

mkvirtualenv atom
# make sure you're in the new virtualenv. then run:
pip install flake8
pip install flake8-docstrings

Modify Atom's env.PATH

Open Atom and go to Edit -> Init Script... Add the following line and make sure '/home/USERNAME/.virtualenvs/atom/bin' points to your atom virtualenv directory:

process.env.PATH = ['/home/USERNAME/.virtualenvs/atom/bin', process.env.PATH].join(':')


Go to Editor -> Preferences * enable Soft Tabs * set tab length to 4 spaces


  • ALT+r run file using atom-runner
  • CTR+SHIFT+m show rendered markdown