This is the private website of Flurin Ineichen.

About me

Thirty-something years old and from the beautiful Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Living in Bern and working as a Software Engineer in Zurich. Before that MSc Computer Science at ETH Zurich and even earlier I've been working in Bern as a ABAP (SAP) software-engineer while completing my computer science bachelor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

About this website

The posts written here are mainly notes for myself and can also be seen as an exercise for improving my english writing skills. Most of the posts will consist of technical stuff (IT) that I come across during my studies or work. But it's also possible that I will use this website to publish my opinion about other topics that I'm interested in.
Let me know if something on this page was useful for you too or if you'd like to comment on something.