USB Keyboard not working at boot (between GRUB and disk decryption)

Posted on Sun 18 December 2016 in tech • Tagged with arch, linux

On my thinkpad I have an encrypted Arch installation setup similarly to my chromebook setup. Since I bought my a new wireless usb keyboard this thing never worked for decrypting the system. It perfectly works once Arch has started up, but for entering the password at boot I had to …

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Gitlab CE setup

Posted on Wed 02 November 2016 in tech • Tagged with nginx, gitlab, docker

The latest addition to my server at home is a Gitlab Community Edition instance. I use the docker image provided by Gitlab behind a nginx reverse proxy. Below are some notes for setting up, configuring and troubleshooting the installation.

Docker command


sudo docker run --detach \
    --publish 11180:80 …

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Ugly fonts in IntelliJ IDEA on Arch Linux

Posted on Tue 11 October 2016 in tech • Tagged with intellij, arch


intellij-jdk is now marked orphaned in AUR. I therefore stopped using this package and switched to a manual install of IntelliJ IDEA. This way the bundled jdk by Jetbrains is used automatically.

Old Post

Java fonts on Linux have been ugly for a while. Especially in an IDE it's …

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Atom editor notes

Posted on Thu 11 August 2016 in tech • Tagged with editor, atom, python

Some notes on my atom editor setup. Will be expanded throughout time.


apm install atom-runner
apm install linter
apm install linter-flake8
apm install linter-gcc


linter-flake8 needs a flake8 binary. We'll install this into a virtualenv used for atom.

mkvirtualenv atom
# make sure you're in the new virtualenv …

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Encrypted Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Installation (RAID, LLVM, LUKS)

Posted on Thu 07 April 2016 in tech • Tagged with linux, ubuntu

Google drive notes I took when setting up my encrypted Ubuntu 14.04 LTS home server (RAID, LLVM and LUKS).

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Guided Static Analysis slides

Posted on Thu 22 October 2015 in tech • Tagged with static analysis, ethz, seminar, talk

Checkout the slides of my presentation about the Guided Static Analysis paper by Denis Gopan and Thomas Reps.

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Downloading a website for reading offline

Posted on Tue 28 July 2015 in tech • Tagged with linux, wget, university

I needed a way to download all papers and exercises of one of my lectures. Here's a good wget snippet to mirror the website:

wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites -np -nH -N --cut-dirs=1

Source: Tweet by @doublec (tweets are protected now)

Prevent Firefox from reloading pinned tabs at startup

Posted on Wed 08 July 2015 in tech • Tagged with firefox

Firefox has a setting "Don't load tabs until selected". But enabling this will not prevent Firefox from reloading every pinned tab at startup. Fortunately there seems to be a specific preference for this one too:

  • open about:config
  • set browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand to true

Arch Linux on Toshiba CB30-102 (Chromebook)

Posted on Sun 21 June 2015 in tech • Tagged with arch, chromebook, linux

The Beginners guide in the wiki is straightforward. Here are just some additional notes on setting up Arch Linux on my chromebook.

Planned setup

My device has a 16GB ssd. I'm planning to wipe ChromeOS and partition the disk into two partitions: 2GB /boot (ext4) and a 14GB encrypted partition …

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OS X: Reinstall OS stuck at "2 minutes left"

Posted on Sat 21 March 2015 in tech • Tagged with osx

You probably have used homebrew. Haven't you? In the last step of the reinstallation the installer moves / checks files in /usr/local. If you have a lot of files over there (for example because you used homebrew), this takes forever.

Do not abort the installation. Press cmd+L to see …

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