Manually starting ssh-agent to use it in a (remote) terminal session

Posted on Thu 22 June 2017 in misc • Tagged with linux, ssh

ssh-agent can be used to unlock an ssh private key and therefore prevent having to …

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IntelliJ Idea application menu entry for xubuntu

Posted on Thu 25 May 2017 in tech • Tagged with xubuntu, linux

Assuming intellij has been installed to /opt/ here's how to create an application menu entry …

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Extend a VirtualBox guest harddisk

Posted on Tue 18 April 2017 in tech • Tagged with windows, linux

I use VirtualBox for the rare cases when I need a Windows OS. The latest …

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Cups printers do not show up in Firefox (Arch)

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in tech • Tagged with arch, linux

If your CUPS printers do not show up in the Firefox printing dialog (but they …

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USB Keyboard not working at boot (between GRUB and disk decryption)

Posted on Sun 18 December 2016 in tech • Tagged with arch, linux

On my thinkpad I have an encrypted Arch installation setup similarly to my chromebook setup …

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Encrypted Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Installation (RAID, LLVM, LUKS)

Posted on Thu 07 April 2016 in tech • Tagged with linux, ubuntu

Google drive notes I took when setting up my encrypted Ubuntu 14.04 LTS home server (RAID, LLVM and LUKS).

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Downloading a website for reading offline

Posted on Tue 28 July 2015 in tech • Tagged with linux, wget, university

I needed a way to download all papers and exercises of one of my lectures …

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Arch Linux on Toshiba CB30-102 (Chromebook)

Posted on Sun 21 June 2015 in tech • Tagged with arch, chromebook, linux

The Beginners guide in the wiki is straightforward. Here are just some additional notes on …

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Move/Copy mails between different IMAP accounts

Posted on Sat 15 November 2014 in tech • Tagged with osx, linux, imap, gmail

I decided to switch back to Gmail/Inbox by Gmail. Copying thousands of mails in …

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