Ugly fonts in IntelliJ IDEA on Arch Linux

Java fonts on Linux have been ugly for a while. Especially in an IDE it's very annoying. It seems Jetbrains started to ship a patched JDK with IntelliJ 2016. Make sure to use this JDK on Arch to run IntelliJ!


Install intellij-jdk from AUR.


  • Start IntelliJ
  • CTRL ...
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Atom editor notes

Some notes on my atom editor setup. Will be expanded throughout time.


apm install atom-runner
apm install linter
apm install linter-flake8
apm install linter-gcc


linter-flake8 needs a flake8 binary. We'll install this into a virtualenv used for atom.

mkvirtualenv atom
# make sure you're in the new ...
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Prevent Firefox from reloading pinned tabs at startup

Firefox has a setting "Don't load tabs until selected". But enabling this will not prevent Firefox from reloading every pinned tab at startup. Fortunately there seems to be a specific preference for this one too:

  • open about:config
  • set browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand to true
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Arch Linux on Toshiba CB30-102 (Chromebook)

The Beginners guide in the wiki is straightforward. Here are just some additional notes on setting up Arch Linux on my chromebook.

Planned setup

My device has a 16GB ssd. I'm planning to wipe ChromeOS and partition the disk into two partitions: 2GB /boot (ext4) and a 14GB encrypted ...

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OS X: Reinstall OS stuck at "2 minutes left"

You probably have used homebrew. Haven't you? In the last step of the reinstallation the installer moves / checks files in /usr/local. If you have a lot of files over there (for example because you used homebrew), this takes forever.

Do not abort the installation. Press cmd+L to ...

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Using git for SVN repos

We're forced to use SVN for some projects at the university. It's OK but when working on the go (Train) and offline it's a pain. Here are the steps for using git.

# initialize repo
git svn clone https://svn-server-address/repo/path

Now you can work and commit ...

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x86 assembly on OSX

During last terms compiler design course I learned x86 assembly "the hard way"... Here's some stuff that I "found out" while developing x86 assembly on OSX 10.10.

Read this first

I'm writing this post a couple of months after the course. I did not lookup the instructions ...

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