Encrypted Duplicity Backup to European Amazon S3 Bucket

Posted on Sun 05 November 2017 in tech • Tagged with linux, ubuntu, aws, s3

This post documents how to configure AWS S3 and duplicity to do encrypted backups to the cloud.

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Posted on Fri 18 August 2017 in tech • Tagged with static analysis

This paper is really hard to come by and all scans are either incomplete or include the empty backpages. Here's a cleaned up version: Download

Spellcheck in Latex Files

Posted on Thu 10 August 2017 in tech • Tagged with LaTeX, hunspell

I use the following snippet to spellcheck latex files:

hunspell -d en_GB -t $1

Put it into a spellcheck.sh file. Then ./spellcheck.sh myfile.tex.

Manually starting ssh-agent to use it in a (remote) terminal session

Posted on Thu 22 June 2017 in misc • Tagged with linux, ssh

ssh-agent can be used to unlock an ssh private key and therefore prevent having to enter the password multiple times. Usually your desktop environment does this for you. But if you're for example sshing into your workstation and then use ssh (e.g. for git or hg) your desktop environment …

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Python networkx (graph library) example

Posted on Tue 06 June 2017 in misc • Tagged with python, algorithms, graph

This is just for me to look it up again later:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

A small example that uses networkx and pyplot to create a DiGraph, 
draw it and compute floyd-warshall on it.

import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

#https://www.debian.org/vote/2013/vote_001 …

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Music for working / learning (updated)

Posted on Sat 27 May 2017 in misc • Tagged with music

Some nice music on youtube and soundcloud:

IntelliJ Idea application menu entry for xubuntu

Posted on Thu 25 May 2017 in tech • Tagged with xubuntu, linux

Assuming intellij has been installed to /opt/ here's how to create an application menu entry (on xubuntu). Create a file ~/.local/share/applications/intellij.desktop with the following content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/opt/jetbrains/idea/bin …

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Extend a VirtualBox guest harddisk

Posted on Tue 18 April 2017 in tech • Tagged with windows, linux

I use VirtualBox for the rare cases when I need a Windows OS. The latest Win10 updates failed to install because there's not enough disk space. Apparently 30GB is not enough for a whole OS and office... ;-(

Luckily that's easy to fix:

  • Shutdown the guest
  • Make sure there are no …

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DD-WRT (kong) on Netgear R7000 and Fiber7 IPv6 configuration

Posted on Sat 21 January 2017 in tech • Tagged with dd-wrt, fiber7

I'm a fan of Netgear's R7000 hardware. Not so much of the software. Since I bought this router I was not able to get IPv6 working with my Fiber7 internet connection. The Netgear firmware does not support DHCPv6-PD which is what my provider requires. Anyway, not having IPv6 was not …

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Cups printers do not show up in Firefox (Arch)

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in tech • Tagged with arch, linux

If your CUPS printers do not show up in the Firefox printing dialog (but they do for example in Google Chrome) you may be missing the following package: gtk3-print-backends. Installing this solved that very annoying problem for me.